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The 2023 Football Season Starts Here

Welcome to September, the most eagerly-awaited month for sports fans everywhere. Soccer lovers have the return of the Champions League, while tennis fans get stuck into the thick of the hotly-contested US Open in New York. But there can be no denying the main attraction across the United States and beyond as the various American Football seasons explode onto our screens.

Fans of the College Football scene are preoccupied with goings on in the Big Ten Conference, and it’s a crucial campaign. The 2023 season is the last before the competition changes format, extending from 14 teams to 18 with the arrival of UCLA, USC, Oregon, and Washington. It’s also the end of the divisional schedule, meaning it’s a chance for one team to win the title and bow out on a high. Which side will take that chance?

The Big Ten Conference kicked off on the final day of August and takes fans on an adventure lasting four months. The deciding game occurs on New Year’s Day 2024 when officials crown a champion, and you can make predictions at the best college football betting sites. Call the outright winner now and secure great odds. The earlier you make predictions, the greater the odds offered. There are also match-winner markets and related specials, including total points.

Make way for the big boys

While the stars of college football battle to win the Big Ten Championship and etch their name in the history books, they have their eyes on a much bigger prize. Today’s college football stars are tomorrow’s big names in the National Football League. Scouts from the top NFL teams monitor the Big Ten, meaning the most talented players can showcase their skills in the shop window. Play well, and a massive name from the NFL could come knocking ahead of next year’s draft.

While college football is fast-paced, unpredictable, and exciting, it can’t lay a glove on the sport’s main attraction: the NFL. It’s the highlight of American Football and the competition the best football players worldwide aim to be part of as a professional. Millions dream of playing in the NFL; hundreds try out yearly, but only a handful make it to the big leagues. It’s not the best players who leap from college football to the NFL; it’s the hardest-working and most dedicated.

When following the NFL team logos from the stadium, at home on TV, or the live-streaming apps on your smartphone, you sample the cream of the crop. They are the most dedicated, determined, and talented footballers. And they sure put on a show when crossing that white line and running onto the turf. Which teams and players are worth following from this month onwards, and who will be the big winners at the Super Bowl?

Keep reading as we share everything you need about the upcoming NFL program, including the top teams, players, and the pundits’ predictions.

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NFL 2023/24 info

The upcoming NFL season is the 104th edition and begins on Friday, 8th September, when the Detroit Lions take on the Kansas City Chiefs. The regular season runs for exactly four months, ending in the first week of the new year. The best-performing teams enter the extended season, and the playoffs start on 13th January.

The Super Bowl is the main attraction, and the big game is on 11th February. The season-defining match comes from the Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada. With major sportsbooks visible for the first time this season, offering betting on every game from the NFL, including the Super Bowl, organizers have chosen a great place to host the Super Bowl. But which team will win?

The top online sports betting apps offer odds and markets on the NFL campaign, from the opening game until the Super Bowl. Make predictions on the winner of each match or play the specials, including total points, handicap, winning margin, and more. Which teams are worth backing? You’ll find a list of the favorites and lively underdogs below.

Football Season 2023/2024 Teams to follow

Traders at the most popular gambling apps have created their NFL betting odds, revealing the teams they expect to contest the trophy. It may still be pre-season, but the odds are just a click away, and you can bet using your laptop or smartphone. But which team is the favorite?

The industry has spoken, and the Kansas City Chiefs is deemed the most likely winner of next year’s Super Bowl game in Paradise. Kansas is undoubtedly strong, and there hasn’t been a rush to oppose the market leaders before game one. But it’s a long season, and you may prefer to oppose the shortest price by backing a rival.

If Kansas doesn’t meet expectations, which team will get its hands on the Super Bowl? The odds make the Philadelphia Eagles second favorite, ahead of the Buffalo Bills, who are third in line. Either of those three teams becoming Super Bowl champions wouldn’t surprise us. But there are others worth mentioning: teams known as the underdogs.

Eye-catching players

You have two options when making predictions and placing bets on the NFL season and Super Bowl. You can back a team supported by the bookies, taking the short odds, or go against the grain and take an outsider. Oppose the bookies’ favorites and try your luck on a team with better odds attached.

Some eye-catching underdogs are available, including the San Francisco 49ers, who we were surprised to see outside the top three. The Cincinnati Bengals and Dallas Cowboys both have a better chance than the traders expect, and you may want to take advantage of their generous odds.

How to watch NFL football season

ESPN/ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox cover the best NFL games. Some games not on television are broadcast on live-streaming apps, available on your desktop or smartphone. Never miss a game by following the play on your mobile device.

The live-streaming of NFL games is better this season than ever, offering HD coverage, expert commentary, stats, live scores, and in-play betting odds. Everything you need to enjoy the show.


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