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Is Messi Autistic? Messi Autism You Did Not Know About

Messi Autism

Messi Autism, who exhibits an amplified individuality, is the world’s greatest footballer & the most famous player.

Now everyone knows how great a player he is, but there are some facts that only a few people are familiar with. For example, Messi’s autism is not a  typical topic for many football enthusiasts. It’s unknown if Messi has autism, but a few signs show that he might have autism or Asperger’s, which we will discuss below.

Is Messi Autistic?

Famous football player Romario and current politician wrote in an article about Messi having Asperger syndrome, a mental illness associated with difficulty interacting with society. Similarly, in a video on the YouTube channel Soccer Stories, Romario quoted the journalist Roberto Amando who passed the comment where they have compared Lionel with Einstein having akin behavioral characteristics.

The video highlights Messi’s childhood behaviors’, where he had trouble interacting with people and understanding social nods, which undoubtedly shows some signs that Messi is autistic.

Similarly, in an article by famous journalist El Paris, “Messi came onto the pitch with a plastic spoon in his mouth and only removed it once the training session ended. This could be considered as evidence that Messi is autistic, but the video hinted that he did this to show how annoyed he was. No one knew why he was annoyed.

Signs That Made People Think that Messi Has Autism

The video also indicates that there are other occasions where Messi showed “extreme shyness,” such as texting someone instead of telling him verbally, which also shows that Messi is autistic.

On one occasion, a friend of Messi’s raised their hand for him when the teacher asked him a question. Both these traits of shyness can be applied to anyone, whether they have autism or not. The video claims that “team sports, like football, are not easy to play for children with Asperger’s.” One positive trait of Lionel is that he sees things very quickly, which is reflected in his game.

ACN Mentioned Messi’s Autism

The Australian website Autism Community Network (ACN) has mentioned Messi autism on their website as a celebrity suffering from that syndrome. Besides ACN, many other autism awareness associations hailed Messi’s autism as an example of a celebrity with autism.

However, Lionel did not publicly admit he had autism or Asperger’s Syndrome.

Does Messi have autism?

Cameron Ridgway stated for Wessex Scene, “There are unconfirmed reports that  When Messi was a young kid, he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. At the age of 9, he was believed to be nicknamed ‘el Pequeno audio,’ which means ‘the little mute’ because he hardly speaks to his teammates outside of necessary interactions during training sessions.

Former French footballer Christophe Dugarry interviewed French radio RMC Sports, where he was annoyed after Barcelona’s draw with Atletico Madrid at Camp Nou. He suggested the French star Antoine Griezmann and Messi need more harmony between them.

French Striker Christophe Dugarry Calls Messi Half Autistic

However, professional footballer Dugarry crossed all limits when he called Messi half-autistic.

The former French professional footballer said, “What is Griezmann afraid of? He called Messi autistic, a kid who is 1.5 meters tall.

After his comment on the six-time Balloon d, Or winner, he came under fierce criticism. Surprisingly he deleted his statement from his account and apologized.

Messi is Autistic

Interesting Facts about Leo Messi’s Autism

There are many interesting facts about Leo Messi and few of them show a little connection with Asperger’s syndrome. People with Asperger’s syndrome have special interests and their behavior sometimes under & sometimes overreact. Here below are interesting facts about Leo Messi.

Messi is a Big Tattoo Lover

If Messi’s autism is less familiar, then it is also not very generally known that he has 18 distinctive tattoos. These interesting tattoos have different meanings. Initially, he feared pain in tattooing, but it got away after the first tattoo, so he got 17 more.

Messi’s first tattoo is the portrait of his mother, showing his love and affection for her as he thinks he has achieved his goals only because of her. The tattoo of the Child’s hand exhibits his joy at becoming the father of a son for the first time. Lionel’s third tattoo is his son, “Thiago,” while the fourth is football, which presents his passion for the game. The tattoo of Jesus Christ shows his dedication to Christianity as a catholic. However, people are confused about the precise meaning of the lotus tattoo on his right arm. One of these tattoos is Rose’s window, which seems to be a religious connotation and inspiration for Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona. His wife regards the crown tattoo on Messi’s right arm as she also has a queen tattoo. Antonella’s eye tattoo exhibits his love and affection for his wife. At the same time, the tattoo of a giant clock shows that time is valuable to him. Clock cogs also connote the importance of time. Similarly, other tattoos with different meanings are Rosary, South America, Europe map, Number 10, Dagger with Wings, kissing lips, and Mateo.

Young Messi Diagnosed with Growth Deficiency Hormone

We already talked about Messi autism, but the Argentinian also suffered from growth hormone deficiency at the early age of 11 years. It is called idiopathic short stature. The treatment of GHD was costly, like a $900 monthly expense that his modest family couldn’t afford. In this critical situation, when River Plate and Newell’s Old Boys passed on the expense of his treatment, FC Barcelona made a mark in football history by signing young Lionel Messi from Argentina at 13. FCB offered him to cover his treatment fees if he succeeded in Catalonia trials.

This life-changer treatment includes growth hormone injections that develop height and deal with many internal issues like teeth and skin problems, lower immunity levels, and poor vision. Messi’s height is now 5’7, an average height of an Argentinian male, while he was only 4’2 when diagnosed with GHD.

Leo Messi is a Big Sleeper

When Lionel is off the pitch, he spends his time sleeping. Leo spends about 12 hours daily in the arms of Morpheus, his Son. Sleeping much could be justified by his hormonal treatment, but today has become a necessity for Messi’s Autism.

A Former physical trainer of Argentina, Fernando Signorini, once said the game could begin without him if you can’t get him out of bed—an idea supported by the half-sister, Marisol: “He is happy when he sleeps. But when you ask him to get up, he gets annoyed. Even going out for a walk is tiresome.”

Messi is A Big Foodie

Messi’s love for food is not hidden during his early career. His coach had a special regime for Messi Autism while training. He was promised an Alfredo sauce every time he scored a goal. If one said there was any particular dish Lionel Messi had enjoyed throughout his life, the answer would be Milanesa Napolitana and Asado.

It’s a favorite dish in Argentina; this is made with various ingredients like meat, salt, oregano fried beef, chopped tomatoes, cheese, and sugar, but he fancies eating chicken instead of ham or beef. Messi also loves having a schnitzel, one of his favorite cuisines.

When Barcelona’s former manager Pep Guardiola joined the team, Messi’s excess love for food was an issue he had to tackle. The press used to call Messi “the star of porcelain” for his unhealthy lifestyle-related injuries. A famous funny instance is that Guardiola had to remove a Coca-Cola vending machine in their training center to prevent Messi from having one soft drink too many!

Love for his Grandmother

Lionel Messi’s grandmother was his most significant enthusiast and source of inspiration in his childhood, Celia, who remained with him in all his games. Operated by hard work, strong determination, consistency, and purposeful commitment to his passion and teammates, have guided him to the peak of global football.

Celia supported him instrumentally in football at a very young age as she brought four-year-old Messi to his first training session. Due to his short stature, Leo was not taken to the team at the start. However, his grandma convinced the local football club manager to let him play against the bigger players and give her grandson a chance. As a result, Messi scored two goals against the opposing team.

Whenever Lionel Messi scores a goal, he points his two fingers to the heavens, fitting his grandma Celia’s tribute. This is how he thanks her as she helped him start his career. And now he has become the only best star of the game.

Lionel Messi’s real name

Lionel Messi’s complete and real name is Luis Lionel Andres Leo Messi. His parents never confirmed that he was named in tribute to Lionel Richie, an American singer and author of “Say You, Say Me” and “Hello.” As for his naming, according to Spanish customs, his first surname is from the paternal side, Messi, and his second surname is maternal.

According to some personal information from the 2018 Fifa World Cup, his full name is Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini. His ancestors were Italian, his dad’s name was Jorge Messi, and his mother’s was Cecilia Cuccitini.

Accusation in Syria

In 2012, without any clue of sarcasm, Addounia TV released a piece of crazy news and imposed a map of Syria on the screen to reveal how Lionel Messi and his teammates appointing smugglers and weapons shipments into Syria from Lebanon by kicking the ball. According to them, signals were transmitted to the insurgents in coded messages when Barcelona played Real Madrid in December through the way he played the football.

Along with it, as he passes the ball during the game, the Catalans define “weapons delivery routes to the rebels.” In contrast, “weapons delivery to the rebel arsenal of Dir al-Zur succeeded” as he scored the goal.

Oranges to convince the leaders of Barca

In the beginning, Messi made a lot of effort to persuade the leaders of Barcelona to give him a chance to prove his abilities, but every time he tried, he was disappointed. The origin of the love story between Barsa and the Argentinian is based on the oranges. Once, Messi’s agent Fabian Soldini said, “I went to see Lionel, and I gave him a kilo of oranges and a few tennis balls. I told him “you train to juggle that and, in a week, and I will record you” after a week Messi become expert. He managed to juggle oranges 113 times and 120 times with the balls”. Later on, he was hired by one of the richest football clubs in Barcelona

UNICEF child Ambassador

Lionel Messi, one of the highest-paid footballers, has involved himself in various charitable works to help vulnerable children throughout his career. His commitment to helping children stems in part from the hardships he faced in his childhood.

Messi was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in March 2010. Following his appointment, he moved to Haiti for public awareness regarding the earthquake for the country’s children.

Lionel also used the social media platform Instagram to raise awareness of the hardships faced by children amidst COVID-19. Moreover, he urged his fans to donate and save lives due to COVID-19. The Argentine player posted emotional messages in this regard to throw light on this crucial matter. It concerns the children from the whole world being severely affected by the coronavirus.

The Argentina captain has done great since being appointed a goodwill ambassador. Along with the help of UNICEF and Barcelona, he helped the children to bring their dreams to life.

In addition to his work with UNICEF, he established his charitable organization, the Leo Messi Foundation, which plays a vital role in healthcare services to improve children’s lives. He also supported efforts to fight COVID-19 and promoted fundraising messages and prevention practices to support UNICEF’s emergency plan.


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