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Football World Cup History

Football World Cup History

In the 21st Century, many sporting events have been held in various countries several times. These exec choices are severe and usually mirror a country’s financial viability as it shows one’s capabilities to host such significant occasions. The FIFA football World Cup is not an exception to this.
In 1929, it was determined that the first football World Cup would happen in Uruguay from 13 July to 30 July 1930. Thirteen nations would be getting involved after approving invites– no certifications happened. In 18 suits, 70 objectives would be scored, consisting of the initial hat-trick in the history of football World Cup by Guillermo Stábile. Uruguay had been crowned the first World Cup champions at the end of the first football world cup in 1930.

First Football World Cup 1930

At the time of the first Football World Cup in 1930, economic anxiety occurred in Europe, and the travel costs impeded some teams. Most of the European players hesitated to leave their countries on a lengthy journey, terrified that they would lose their tasks– this was long before it came to be typical for football players to bet a living.
The suggestion that experts would certainly be enabled triggered much controversy and hostility (only amateur players were typically allowed in the Olympics). That was the reason Denmark and Germany refused to participate. Of prominent factors, England would additionally avoid engagement. For some time, it appeared like none of the European countries would undoubtedly make the journey to Uruguay, and the first football World Cup remained in threat.
Ultimately three European countries would undoubtedly send their teams to Uruguay. However, none of these were amongst the highest-ranked teams. Many of the best European teams, such as Austria, England, Hungary, Italy, and Spain, would certainly be lacking. The European teams that lastly traveled over the Atlantic would be aided economically by Uruguay, a country with a terrific economic climate at the time.
The host team Uruguay was the favorite to win. They won the Paris Olympics in 1924 and the Amsterdam Olympics in 1928. But on the other side, the closest rival, Argentina, won the South American Champion in 1929. The national team of Brazil had not yet come to be the powerhouse that it, later on, would certainly be as well as would get here to the first World Cup ill-prepared (because of internal disagreements, they were just represented by players from Carioca).
Besides not being the best group from the continent, the European teams would likewise struggle with the travel problems: 10 days on a watercraft without a chance for training. A team stage was taken into the method (which was not done in the Olympics) to provide the long-distanced guests the satisfaction of at least playing 2 video games.

Story of the 1930 World Cup Tournament

An old rivalry between Uruguay and Argentina was shared without question by the bulk of the target market booing the visitors in their initial suit against France to the level the Argentines dealt with to leave the tournament. The head of state of Uruguay had to moderate. Yet, it remained in the last match in the team between Argentina and Chile that things indeed left hand. One of the players of both teams got associated with a significant skirmish after an incident between two players. After a break, the suit proceeded, and Argentina won the match and the team.
Yugoslavia and the U.S.A. would surprise numerous by winning their matches and advancing to the Semi-finals. The U.S.A., which had been embarrassed by the Argentinians in the 1928 Olympics with 11-2, would certainly be squashed by them in the Semi-finals, this time by 6-1. In support of American pride, it should be added that two of their players were wounded and, as the peculiar rule currently determined– were not permitted to be changed.
Uruguay beat Romania and Peru in their group and then beat Yugoslavia significantly in the Semi-finals. The outcome would certainly not reflect the game to a full degree. Yugoslavia, which had taken the lead, had one objective prohibited by a strange decision from the umpire, and two of Uruguay’s very first objectives were approved in unconvincing conditions.
In the last, they encountered the adversary Argentina which had been their opponents in the final of the 1928 Olympics competition. With the existence of over 80,000 people at Estadio Centenario in Montevideo (the present figures are debated: the official presence was 68,346, yet it was unquestionably even more people watching the game as well as some resources assert more than 90,000 individuals), Uruguay could pull off one more triumph with four goals versus two after Argentina had had a 2-1 lead. The football players of the Uruguay group would certainly renew their status as the country’s pride.

Consequences of the 1930 World Cup

The friendship between both nations would be negatively influenced after the last. The Argentine side had felt threatened before the game by fans, and one player had also gotten death danger. Argentinian advocates would certainly likewise report being harassed throughout the event. As retribution, the Uruguayan embassy in Buenos Aires got ruined by citizens, and the federal government removed the relationship with its next-door neighbor nation.

Who Was the First Soccer Nation To Host Two World Cups?

The first time Mexico organized the FIFA World Cup was in 1970, and the second time remained in 1986, making them the first soccer nation to host two World Cups, a feat not to be shrugged off. These decisions to hold such essential events reveal World’s sporting activities’ confidence in Mexico’s ability to accommodate countless people, the players, and the country they represent.

World Cup Host Country Checklist

The FIFA World Cup champion was granted every four years because of the initial event in 1930 (except in 1942 and 1946 because of World War II).

Brazil and Germany had bid for the 1942 World Cup; nonetheless, no ballot was taken to figure out a host. However, Columbia was selected as the host for the 1986 tournament but withdrew four years before the beginning day, and Mexico eventually hosted the event. In 2002, for the very first time, the occasion was hosted by two nations, Japan and South Korea.

The winning hosts for 2018 and 2022 were introduced on 2 December 2010, with the winners Russia and Qatar. The first World Cup to be organized by three countries will remain in 2026 (United States, Mexico, and Canada).

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The table below details the host country for every event.

World Cup YearHost Country
2026Canada, USA and Mexico
2010South Africa
2002Japan & South Korea



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